Life as I know it


I’m Shezzim & welcome to my crazy world! The tiny people inside my head, who provide a constant feed of irreverent rubbish, bid you welcome too.

I’ve only recently, fortuitously & quite accidentally, straggled into the world of writing. I’ve already talked about myself in ‘The Introduction’ & urge you to read it, to get a general idea about who / what I am.

This blog is not for the puritanical or those easily offended. I’m not trying to change the world with it – quite yet. I merely offer you insight into my zany world & zanier mind. My opinions are my own- mostly uninformed, but I like to voice them anyway! It might encourage laughter or it might fill you with a burning need to physically hurt me, something bad!

Either way, I would love to know what ya’ll are thinking, so please drop in a line if you feel like it!

I’m also very very new at the whole social media thing,  but if you write me or tweet at me, I’d almost certainly respond. If I don’t, then its probably because I’ve been mortally wounded, while in combat with a gila monster or with a batch of dangerous laundry. But I will get back to you, eventually!

Happy Reading!

Love & Light…