The Wannabe Geek Moment

Note to reader: I just found this random piece I had written many many moons ago. Since I haven’t posted anything in a while & I’m fed up of coming up with random inane excuses for the laziness, I thought I’ll just throw this in the pot. (When I say pot, I don’t mean the obvious reference; I mean a gurgling, bubbling cauldron of creativity that is this blog) Hehe, yeah that was a bit much! Continue reading “The Wannabe Geek Moment”


The Misandrists Strike!

Of the crazy times of jocularity, wit, belligerence & reflections …

My apologies for going back to being a lazy bum & not writing for so long. In my defence, this time I was burdened with copious amounts of work that just didn’t seem to end. Deadline after manic deadline; until everything became mechanical. Creativity was dying a slow and excruciatingly painful death and my mind was charting a determined course towards dementia. And if all of that wasn’t earth-shattering enough, they replaced Matt Smith with Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who!! Continue reading “The Misandrists Strike!”

The Wilderness Adventure

Of the wild tales of Animals, Friends; Animal Friends…

I have friends. Animal friends. Those are the best kind of friends to have. Friends who will happily depart from socially acceptable behaviour & get into their elemental skins to commune with you, without artifice & without pretence- because sometimes that’s exactly the sort of ‘fixer-upper’ you need on particularly trying days when you’re hellishly worried about losing the plot. I spent two magical days with such a delightful pair of wildings, in a gorgeously untamed environment, that would kick any seven-star resort’s arse, hands down. Continue reading “The Wilderness Adventure”