From the travelogues of the irreverent one…

I’ve been consumed by the burning urge to travel. This year, I intend to travel as much as my finances & time constraints permit. Which basically means that if you are reading this and are my boss, you might further the cause by allowing me copious amounts of paid leave; or if you’re a philanthropist amused by the touched-in- the-head genre of my adventures & writing, then you might want to encourage it with vast sums of money towards the aforementioned travel. At this point, I’d take either of the two options with great alacrity. Seriously, it doesn’t even have to be vast sums of money, just teeny tiny sums would do too! (Husband are you reading this? This is my pithy attempt at subtlety again!)

I intend to document excerpts from my remarkable adventures on this page, the proclivity of which depends upon the number of remarkable (or not so remarkable) adventures I actually have. (Again, hello husband! 😀 😀 )

The posts, as is their wont, would be subject to the distortions in my head & may sometimes not make much sense. They might however, make for a hilarious read & so I suppose in the grand scheme of things it works out in a win-win manner for everyone. But in the interest of sustained readership, I will of course attempt to curb the irrational banter- only just. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed actually living out these fabulous experiences and meeting all these amazing people.

Happy reading!